Our creative design will give you the pond with a difference. We have built ponds in Cheshire and the surrounding counties. We use highest quality materials for our pond liners, pond pumps and the best stone will always have the natural feel you are looking for.

Here is an example of our pond building expertise. This was a natural ditch which filled with water. The ditch looked unsightly and its sides were constantly eroding and therefore plants would not survive around the edge of the pond. Martin Lamb Garden Design created sandstone walls around the edge giving the pond stability. We built a waterfall stream feature, wooden jetty and flagged seating area. We created a pebble stone beach and populated the area with fitting plants. This pond is now stocked with carp.

pond built by Martin Lamb Garden Design
various plants we supplied for the job
jetty, pebble beach and seating area
side view of pond
sandstone wall built by us
full view of pond
built by us, wooden jetty
full picture of pond
waterfall and stream leading into pond
01 - Larger Picture Gallery here (gallery for mobiles here)

Our second example pond, we built using highest quality special rubber and underlay which has a life time guarantee. The stream was shaped around two Scots Pine trees and we used rocks and boulders to create a realistic mountain stream and water effect. Best quality filter and pump system circulate and clean the water.

mountain-like pond with stream

more photos

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